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Ad Supported Shipping

With thinking that is light years ahead of today’s advertising and shipping options, AdShip Express offers a more intelligent way to send packages and reach consumers. Now, instead of paying full price to send a package, shippers can enjoy a discount or rewards points for including an advertisement from one of our partners. Shippers can also conveniently access our complete multi-carrier shipping system for free from a single online resource, adding even more value to the shipping process.

At the same time, advertisers can take advantage of our extensive network of nationwide shippers and send their messages to a targeted audience – and be able to ensure delivery. Best of all, AdShip Express makes it simple… just a few clicks is all it takes to “beam” your advertisement or shipment exactly where you want it.

Want to make your store look BIG?
For a fee of $6.99 per month, Ad Supported Shipping Pro, by AdShip, allows you to create customized branded packing lists, branded shipping confirmation emails, and a branded tracking page with your logo and banners for all your customers to see. In addition, by using Ad Supported Shipping Pro, you will make money on every item you ship.

About AdShip

About AdShip
AdShip is the first company to bring the concept of Pay-Per-Ship advertising to the world. From the beginning, our mission was to find a way to bring advertisers and shippers together in a way that was profitable for them both. AdShip and our innovative Pay-Per-Ship service are now available throughout the United States, with plans to go global in the near future.

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2 reviews for “Ad Supported Shipping”

  1. Rachel Nicholson

    This is great to get a refund just for shipping things, but it takes OVER a month to get your reward after you submit it. They want you to do everything the same day as shipment, but they can’t seem to get your reward to you in a timely manner. Work on it, Ebay.

  2. Lorie

    I have left a dozen messages on your toll free number, no one has ever called me. I will share with everyone (when asked) that your company is a (-1), you have people use your service and work for YOU! then when it is closer for payments to us, you delete us!! I have read & heard many, many stories of the same problem, shame on you. I will be entering a BBB complaint. Shame on you!

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