10 Reasons – Complimenting Sales With an ECommerce Site

In today’s dog eat dog, highly competitive e-commerce world it is not enough to simply rely on eBay to drive your sales. This is unwise for a variety of reasons. Putting all of your eggs in the eBay basket will reduce profits and sales, these are the two areas that will make or break an online business. Furthermore having your own Ecommerce site provides a means to become more independent from eBay, and that is something everyone can enjoy. Below you will find my top 10 reaons for having your own ecommerce site.

  1. Allows for independence from eBay- You can begin to gain sales on your own website and avoid eBay fees
  2. Provides a clearing house for all products- You can list as many products as you like without worrying about fees
  3. Increases buyer confidence- You can show your buyers that you have a website from within eBay
  4. Requires little management- If setup correctly, it should be set and forget for the most part
  5. Can be tied directly into PayPal- This makes it easy to process orders for both your eBay and website orders
  6. Repeat Sales- Send buyers to your e-commerce site through marketing strategies
  7. Drop-ship- This makes you appear larger than you really are and is sure to provide sales
  8. Charge higher prices- With a good e-commerce site you can get away with charging higher prices
  9. Build an asset- Your e-commerce site is an asset you can work hard to build
  10. More sales- Marketing your e-commerce site correctly will always result in more sales

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