10 eBay Listing Tools You Should Know About

While eBay is a useful service that has been optimized to be an intuitive experience for the user, there are times when extra help is necessary. Such help often takes the form of certain listing tools that give you the ability to manage each step of the online sales cycle while letting you operate under a single platform.

Although there is a massive selection of listing services at your finger tips you must be wary at all times. For this reason I have compiled a list of 10 tools that are trustworthy. Each comes coupled with different offers that make their service differ from the rest:

Vendio: Vendio is a well known ecommerce website that actually operates across multiple marketplaces. It’s cost comes in at $10 a month, and you can also expect to pay between 1% – 1.95% of your sales. Many sellers see this as a more than fair price for the increase in productivity gained from being able to manage orders, customers, and shipping in one place.

Auctiva: Auctiva happens to be another prime choice because it essentially specializes in eBay listing. This tool enables you to list unlimited items, employ a scrolling gallery, and unlimited image hosting. Prices range from $2.95 a month to $19.95 a month. Fortunately this website gives the user a 30 day free trial with full use of its services.

PageMage: Page mage is another listing service that’s service is very visually oriented. This tool allows the seller to include slideshows, marquees, and even video in your listings. One can even post the listing directly to a facebook page, all without even knowing HTML. Pricing is another perk with all features being included for free users.

Listomax: This is a tool created by users for users. Their insight into the needs of the seller gives you everything you need to create an effective listing, from unlimited photo insertion, customer info inventory, and live listing revisions. Another benefit some may enjoy is the one time cost; a lack of monthly fees makes this a great choice.

TurboLister: Turbo lister is a tool distributed directly through eBay. It helps the seller create professional listings while allowing you to upload in bulk. The search feature also allows the user to cycle through their listings quickly and effectively. Best of all, this support is free.

Sell Your Item (SYI): SYI is another lister put out directly from eBay. This is aimed towards new sellers, by providing simple directions for easy listing. All the while, it still remains useful for everyone by creating a sense of control in listings through templates. The price remains free.

Supreme Auction: Supreme Auction is a very established tool and has a far reaching user base. This service allows one to store up to 80 pictures at a time on high performance servers, create “Supreme” Galleries, and even choose between over 500 professional template designs for your own listings. This package ranges from freeware with fewer benefits to a business package.

Kyozou: Kyozou is online software for merchants. Among its benefits are the managing of extensive inventory, added communication with buyers, gauging of productivity, and even the creation of reports for your online listing sales. Each of these services will save you time and grow your business. Kyozou pricing is specialized for each seller visit http://www.kyozou.com for details.

Auction Listing Creator (ALC): ALC is another service that is extremely graphics driven. The main draw to this listing tool would be the massive number of designer listing templates at the seller’s disposal. Bundled with it are free tech support, image hosting, and software upgrades. Knowledge of HTML is not necessary to implement any of these. This whole package comes to a minimum of $49.95 a year.

EsellerPro: Eseller is another tool that has been created to be simple and intuitive for the user. It comes with full inventory API integration to Ebay, Paypal, and even major parcel carriers to expedite the process further. This listing service is centered around a speedy delivery and forgoes flashy designs.

As you can see there is a wide variety of unique characteristics between each of these services. In some cases the differences may be so minute that the choice equates to pure preference. Other times the choice may be as clear as night and day based on your own personal necessities for your online business affairs.

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5 responses to “10 eBay Listing Tools You Should Know About”

  1. Tim Jones

    I use an amazing multi site book selling tool from BookZangle. Uploads books & collectables to Ebay with a few mouse clicks.

  2. Nick

    I found RivalRipper export into Turbolister to be very profitable.

  3. mohini

    Since the time eBay announced that they will be retiring Blackthorne, I have been looking for an alternative solution. I did try a couple of apps you mentioned. Then, some of my eBay friends mentioned Wonder Lister as a great replacement tool. Now, I’ve been using Wonder Lister for a couple of months or so and find it very easy to learn. Wonder Lister has a lot of nice features, like single page Listing editor, bulk listing, bulk editing, user defined folders, custom views, sales tax reporting, Profit & Loss on each sale and so on and on. And the best part is it is very fairly priced with a starting price tag of just $5!

    Get more info from their web site: wonderlister.com

    Also, if you happen to use this application, please share your comments.

  4. John Houston

    Only one I have tried is Auctiva.
    They are terrible.
    Customer Service is non-existant.
    Absolute worst.
    Avoid like the plague.

  5. James Crawford

    Based on this article, I evaluated a couple of the selling tools. Each had its own pluses and minuses as expected but then saw an earlier comment here about Wonder Lister. Thought give it a try. With a starting price tag of just $5 / month, and a full one month of trial period, there was nothing much to lose. Been using it for over a week now. Even though it is a little early but I did find that it is extremely stable, well structured, easy to navigate and learn. Doesn’t require an engineering degree!

    Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an eBay selling tool, go with Wonder Lister. http://www.wonderlister.com

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